• Reflecting On 2021 and Setting Intentions For 2022

    Reflecting on 2021 and setting intentions for 2022. I talk about what I'm doing in the hopes that you are inspired to write your own intentions for the year ahead!
  • Changes Coming In 2022

    December update. We are taking some serious time off next year to chill and reassess what we even want to do with life. Read this post to get into the details and what you can expect from us next year.
  • November Update: A Mindset Shift.

    November update: there are some major changes happening to the way we show up for ya'll. This is the full rundown on why and how things are changing.
  • October Personal Update

    October personal update. Lets talk about the vibrations of emotion!
  • Trauma In The Body

    Trauma in the body, and some tips for beginning your journey to freeing yourself from survival mode.
  • September Update

    Our monthly personal update. This month I call you to unsubscribe from the fear narrative and look to your communities to create the new world together.
  • Highlights From Our Latest Photoshoot

    We recently had a professional photoshoot done for our jewelry. The results are magical. See our favorite shots from the shoot here together in this blog post.
  • Some Behind The Scenes Shots

    Video compilation of our latest tiktoks. Videos of our process and glamour shots of finished pieces. Watch all of our tiktoks from the last few weeks in one place here!
  • August Update

    August update. We have been in business for three years! I have learned so much on this journey and it has only just begun. From business skills to personal development, we have done some hard work and heavy lifting. But it's all been worth it. Thanks for three years and here's to many more!
  • July Update

    Just a little July check in. I rant about the state of the world and urge you to really think about the way we have been living and think about how we can decolonize our minds to create a more balanced society.
  • Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

    A little history of Turquoise and the metaphysical properties that it holds. A powerful protection and healing stone, click to read more!
  • What Does One Of a Kind and Limited Edition Mean For Us?

    What does limited edition and one of a kind mean? We explain what it means for us in our most recent blog. Click to read more!