• The Serpent Talisman Necklace Collection

    The Serpent Talisman collection kicks off 2021 with a bold, powerful, protective collection of necklaces. We wanted to focus on pieces that would be not only beautiful, but also offer some heavy protection energy so that you can handle whatever this year throws at you.
  • Incorporating Tarot Into This Week's Collection

    Over the last year and a half or so I have been going through a spiritual awakening of sorts. It started with clearing out some heavy childhood tra...
  • The Making Of This Weeks Collection

    The process of making the Monstera Moon ring from this weeks update.
  • Custom Work For The Holidays

    Custom work for the holidays deadline is November 1st.
  • The Rainbow Spirit Guide Collection

    The Rainbow Spirit Guide Collection is a truly special collection. The first channeled collection by Left Handed MFG. The energy of each piece is special and one of a kind. Created with the intention to find the person who needs healing and guidance in their own specific way.
  • Custom Painting Feature

    This week we are highlighting a custom painting that we recently finished. We go through the thoughts and processes of making a custom painting from start to finish.
  • Sometimes Simple Is Better

    We have been called to think about simplicity and the way we can live our lives. From the food we eat to the things we buy.
  • The Spirit Guide Collection

    Are you interested in crystal healing and the meaning of stones? We created a whole collection, just allowing the stones to tell us what they wanted to be made into. All with the purpose to heal and protect you through the hard times. The pieces are also beautiful and earthy, ready just in time for fall. Whatever reason you wear jewelry, we have you covered!
  • Custom Piece Feature

    This week we are featuring our most recent custom piece. A custom Zippo lighter made for a customer's boyfriend to carry and cherish for many years to come. Click to read about the process and to have your very own custom Zippo lighter made.
  • What Is A Seer?

    What is a seer? Historically it was someone who was given the gift of spiritual insight. Today it could still mean the same thing, but did you know we all have the ability to practice and grow our own ability to see into a spiritual realm? Click to read about the seer and how it influenced our latest collection of seer pieces.
  • Limited Edition Turquoise Earthen Rings

    The Turquoise Earthen Collection. 

    Read about our newest collection of limited edition Turquoise rings. We discuss the magic of the Earth and the healing properties of Turquoise. 

  • Introducing: Build Your Own Charm Necklace

    Introducing, Charms! Mix and match your favorite charms to create one necklace that is uniquely you!