• Introducing The Symbols Line

    Introducing the Symbols line. A new line of jewelry designed to connect you to the deepest parts of yourself. Read about the inspiration behind the line and the creation of the first collection in the line, The Arizona Collection
  • 2023 Reflection & 2024 Goals

    A reflection of 2023 and the way I'm setting goals in 2024
  • The Artist's Way

    A peak into the creative process of our sole artist, Sabina. She talk about The Artist's Way and how it has helped her become more grounded and confident as an artist and how it influences her creative process today.
  • September Update: The Artists Way, Protection Magic, and Developing New Skills

    The thought and feelings behind this months collection of jewelry. We have simple engraved pendants, bold statement necklaces, and goregous signet rings all engraved with sigils of protection and infused with the rays of the full moon. Created to find the exact right person at the exact right time.
  • The Elaine Collection

    The Elaine Collection. A collection of jewelry created during the initial stages of grief over the loss of my grandmother this spring. Made to honor the life of a woman I loved deeply.
  • Using The Moon To Reach Your Goals Part 2

    Unveil the Spiritual Significance of the Full Moon and Discover the Power of Release. Learn how this celestial event can empower you with rituals to let go of what no longer serves you, making room for positive transformation and renewal. Click to read more and embrace the cosmic dance of release and renewal under the enchanting glow of the full moon.
  • Using The Moon To Create Your Dream Life

    How to set intentions and create a ritual for manifesting on the new moon tonight
  • 2022 Thoughts And Feelings

    I reflect on the year 2022 and begin setting intentions for 2023. A one shot style blog, I wrote it and posted it. Be prepared for gramatical errors.
  • Setting Intentions And Goals

    Setting intentions can change your entire life. Learn how to set intentions using an object and begin your journey to building your dream life in alignment with your true self.
  • Small Preview Of New Work Coming August 27th 2022

    A sneak peek preview of the shop update dropping August 27th for the public and August 26th for the newsletter subscribers. I show off some of my favorite pieces in the update and talk about the process of making some of the pieces and the symbols that I use and their meanings.
  • Four Year Anniversary- Reflecting on Four Years as a Professional Artist

    Reflecting on four years as a professional artist.
  • How To Use Beads To Improve Your Meditation Practice

    We explain different ways to use beads as a meditation tool and the benefits of a dedicated gratitude practice. Create a more positive and resilient mindset and deepen your inner relationship.