Left Handed Manufacturing is an independent Jewelry and Art company based in Phoenix Arizona. A one woman show run by Sabina Kennedy, all pieces are designed and fabricated by hand from start to finish. 
We believe jewelry is something that allows us to have a deeper connection to ourselves. The relationship that we have with ourself is the most important relationship any one person can have. When we feel confident and beautiful, nothing can get us down. Connecting with the earth and the keys to ourself, we can open up an entire world of wonder, magic, and miracles. 
Inspired by the quest to find your higher self, each piece is created with the universe in mind. From the silver to the gemstones, our goal is to honor the gifts that the earth has given us in the most beautiful way possible.
Our side project Right Brain Left Handed is where our paintings, drawings and illustrative media live. The artist Sabina is a Left Handed individual and interprets the world through the right side of her brain. All designs start as doodles and sketches. worked and reworked over and over until an idea sticks and becomes a piece of jewelry or piece of art.
If you are interested in having a custom piece made for yourself or a loved one, please email us at info@lefthandedmfg.com