The Brand

 We believe that authenticity is key. We believe in shedding the layers of others ideas of who you should be, and embracing the things that make YOU shine. We create jewelry and ceramics using the minerals from mother earth, and transformed into pieces that will help you express the true magic within you. Your magic is special, and it’s dying to be shown to the world. We stand for looking fear in the face and doing what you want to do despite it. Life is too short to play this game for the validation of others, be your true self and show the world what it means to stand in your true authenticity. 


Our pieces are 100% handmade from start to finish. We believe in the power of a handmade piece, transferring our magic to you. Every piece is made with precious metals and semi precious gemstones and built to last generations.


Each piece is made with the intention that it will find the right person at exactly the right time. Acting as a guide to lead you to expressing your most authentic truth.