It’s pretty clear that suffering is a main component to life here on earth. We all have had chapters in life that we would like to forget about, am I right? Unfortunately suffering is a part of life, but what if I said there was a way to seek beauty in the little things, would you believe me?

My name is Sabina, and I am the designer and maker behind Left Handed MFG. I have first hand experience with dealing with suffering. I mean we all do right? I have gone through the trenches, healing ancestral trauma, overcoming living in an alcoholic household, fighting depression and have come out on the other side stronger for it. I create art that helps you see the beauty in the little things. From Jewelry that you can wear to build your confidence and ignite the flame of your own personal power, to paintings that bring you to the present moment when viewed, to handmade ceramics that add a little more intention to your daily routine. Each component, focusing on small, beautiful objects that remind you that there is beauty to be found in the little things.

I started my artistic journey as a young child. Inspired by my mother and her creative and entrepreneurial spirit. I began making and selling jewelry and art when I was only 16 years old. Heavily influenced by nature, my connection to the divine and the collective connection of all things, and life in the southwest, my creations seek to bring beauty to the little things in life. 

When it comes to my creative practice, I create my pieces using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist. I get to use traditional southwestern silversmithing techniques with contemporary tools and that bring a new voice to southwestern jewelry and art. The southwestern lifestyle is a great influence for my creative practice. There isn’t anything quite as magical as a summer in the desert. Yes it looks a lot like 120 degree days, but when a monsoon rain comes through and quenches the thirst of the plants, animals and people who live here, it is the most beautiful thing that ever exists. 

Beauty in suffering, that is what I stand for. We all have the choice in life to find the beauty in the little things, and I would say that in doing so you are setting yourself to have a very beautiful life.

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If you are interested in having a custom piece made for yourself or a loved one, please email me at lefthandedmfg@gmail.com