Small Preview Of New Work Coming August 27th 2022

It's that time again y'all, time to show y'all what I have been working on for the last few months. This time we have a good arrangement very colorful stones, snakes, and funky one of a kind designs that I have been playing around with.

This next update is being launched on the New Moon in Virgo. A time of great introspection and manifesting order into your life. I am planning to release new works in accordance to the moon from here on out. I feel like jewelry is a really powerful tool that can be used in ritual and is often something that is very intimate. Being that it spends so much time resting on the body, it's not something to be taken lightly. 

The full shop update is happening on August 27th 2022. On that day you will be able to see the full update, but today I am showing y'all a small preview of most of the pieces coming next Saturday. Truthfully this update is kind of large, and if I tried to jam this blog post full of all of the pictures it would be a mile long, so I'll just leave you with the best pictures of the bunch.

flat lay of necklaces on a wooden background

This update accidentally became the necklace update. As I was designing and making things, so many stones and designs just had to be necklaces, and when I had everything laid out in front of me I was surprised to see 18+ necklaces laid out in front of me. A couple more got finished after this image was taken. 

I like to let the stones speak to me when it comes to the designing process. I have specific ideas for some pieces, especially the all metal pieces. The gemstones hold such a specific energy, it feels unnatural to try to force a design on a stone that doesn't match its energy.

snake earrings on painted box

green stud earrings on painted background

hematite earrings on colorful painted background

This update does feature a small handful of one of a kind earring designs. I love the green chrysoprase studs, they are a spin off of an old design that was honestly really a challenge to make so I retired it for a year or so until I thought of a new way to make them that was much easier and ended in less waste. The sun ray design I used to make a lot, with the mixing of brass and silver, it was really challenging to solder the brass onto the silver without melting the whole piece, so often times I would have to make each pair of earrings twice and now with this new design, we get the same pretty look with significantly less melting so it's a win win for everyone. 

Flat lay image of rings on a painted surface

A small handful of rings will also be available in the update. I love a good statement ring. Something that is bold and flashy for those moments when you want to be bold and flashy. The colors in the lemon chrysoprase and the minty green agate have me drooling. Also the new dot design is really fun to make and for how simple it is, it really has a nice bold look. 

The flower ring was a lot of fun to make. It kind of happened on accident. It was going to be a really simple ring to show off the beautiful piece of turquoise, which is full of pyrite by the way, but it kind of transformed into this flower. I draw a lot of flowers like this and thought it would be fun to turn a drawing into metal and I think for the first one like it, it turned out really nicely.

Moonstone necklace on painted background

I made a set of Moonstone Portal pieces. One ring, one pendant, one bracelet and a pair of earrings. The portals are a nod to other dimensions and different ways of being in this reality. I dont really believe that there is one true perspective or reality that we can all agree on. We are all a product of our lived experiences and the lived experiences of our ancestors layered on top of each other. With that being said, we do have the ability to choose our realities. We get to choose how we educate ourselves outside of conventional education, we get to choose our mindsets, we get to choose how we react to situations and the portal is a door into a different timeline, a different reality. 

The moonstones in this set are all super flashy too, which is always a plus when dealing with moonstone. They all flash blue but this necklace stone specifically has a lovely red orange yellow flash too that really honors the name rainbow moonstone.

snake necklaces on red velvet background

For this update I really played around with the snake motif. It's a design that I have been working with for the last 4+ years. It really took off for me in 2019 when I had a really sudden spiritual awakening after finding some baby snakes in my house. Animals have always been very symbolic for me through out my whole life, but especially over the last four years or so. Different animals will show up and circumstances will happen that reveal the message that the animal is carrying at the time.

Snakes for me really show up as symbols of life and death. Nature is a constant cycle of birth, life and finished out by death. Whether physically or metaphorically. I personally have died a dozen or more times over the last several years as I have navigated a healing journey. As different layers of myself and reality are peeled back, I connect parts of myself that must be shed like a snake sheds its skin in order to fully form into the person I know I can be. Snakes also represent the divine feminine and the feminine energy that lives within all of us regardless of gender. They are a powerful symbol of transformation and personal evolution.

I also went a little crazy and decided to reclaim some gold. The all metal medallion with the gold snake and the silver boarder is actually a 14k gold snake with a 14k gold bale. There's something about gold that feels so good to work with. It's softer and is so lovely to work with. It also holds this energy of luxury. Maybe it's conditioning, but I also really think that the vibration that gold has is one of wealth and luxury. Gold was currency for the world up until very recently and is still the standard for the value of the dollar in many countries. When you're dealing with precious metals you are going to pay more for it yes, but the value of the piece holds over time. You know that no matter what, when you're in a pinch, you will be able to sell your jewelry for real money. You can't do that with costume jewelry and other base metals like brass and copper. Brass and copper have their place, don't get me wrong. But they carry a very different energy than gold does.

pendants on painted background

The last pieces I am showing y'all before the update are these mirror pendants. I am a big fan of protecting my energy. I like to visualize it as a mirror, that when someone sends something to me, they are met with their own reflection. I mean we are always projecting our inner experiences on our external world all the time really. Our lived experiences and programming framing how we view the world, and it's usually the case that when we don't like something in someone else, it's because we dont like that thing within ourselves. With these mirror pendants, it is a reminder to not let the projections of other people's realities effect your reality. It's very much return to sender energy. Setting this intention while wearing your mirror necklace will help you better be able to leave other people's energy where you find it, and even send it right back at them.

That's the preview for now! you'll have to come back August 27th to see the full update. And if you're reading this as a newsletter subscriber, you're in luck! A benefit to being a subscriber is 24 hour early access to shop updates that only you get access to. This means first dibs on all the goods before the rest of the world gets access to it. lucky you!

Thank's for reading and I'll see you next week <3