The Artist

Our sole artist Sabina Kennedy has been an artist in some capacity her entire life. She began creating things at a very young age with the help and support of her crafty mother. 

In her early teens Sabina discovered ceramics and immediately fell in love. Turning mud into functional art was fascinating and learning the ins and outs of the materials became an obsession. Later in her teens she discovered jewelry and a new love and obsession bloomed. Beginning with beading and wire wrapping found stones she would find along the James River in her hometown, Sabina began making jewelry and selling it to her friends and family. From there she learned more and more about the craft and eventually began to teach herself silversmithing before taking an official class to learn the skill, where her true obsession began.

In 2014 Sabina moved from her hometown of Lynchburg Virginia to Tempe Arizona to attend university at Arizona State University where she studied sculpture and the materials and processes around that. There she deepened her knowledge of both ceramics and jewelry, going from a home taught silversmith, to a more well trained, traditional silver and gold smith. 

She graduated with her BFA in sculpture in 2017 and began to pursue a jewelry and art business full time in 2018. She has been selling her jewelry and art full time ever since. 

During her time outside of school she went on a wild healing journey, recovering from narcissistic abuse and has used her art and accumulated knowledge from healing to inform the symbols she uses in her art, and the energy she puts into everything she makes.

She is a left handed dominant human, celebrating the 10% of the world that is left handed. Us lefties have been forced to live in a right handed world, being told who and what we can do because of it, and She stands for taking the power back, and using the gifts that the creator gave us. She also walks a  left handed path in life, choosing to go her own way and figure out life as it comes rather than taking the path that society has laid out before us. The left handed path is a path to self discovery and ancient wisdom that can only be found when you have the courage to live in your own authentic truth.

Healing is possible, we have to give our bodies the space to do so, and we can use the wonderful minerals of the earth to help aid in that journey. When we get to know our true selves, we see how important it is to honor the physical spaces we occupy. From the way our home looks and feels to the way we adorn and express our bodies and selves, it’s important to shine our lights into the world because we never know who will need the unique magic that we have to offer. 

Now Sabina lives a peaceful, loving life, living and creating in sunny Phoenix Arizona. Sharing her magic in the form of the art she creates to help others find the authentic magic within them as well.