September Update: The Artists Way, Protection Magic, and Developing New Skills

It's that time of the month again, SHOP UPDATE TIME WOO WOO! I decided that in an effort to work on my consistency and discipline I was going to release new work every full moon for a year and see what happens. The first month felt really challenging, the second month was also challenging but in a super vulnerable way and I have to say the third month kind of feels the same. It feels very vulnerable to release art out into the world. 

I think there are a few challenging things really to the whole shop update thing. The first is organizing cohesive updates. I compare myself to other makers unfortunately and sometimes it feels like I actually have three different collections I want to release at the same time and it feels confusing in my head. That's what happened this month. Instead of breaking this update into three smaller releases, I will be releasing three small bodies of work at the same time. I'd much rather everything be out and available to y'all than to have it all hiding in a box not seeing the light of day.

In May my husband and I took an opportunity to learn how to hand engrave. It's an ancient practice that used to be done without power tools but in the modern age we use a high powered microscope and an air powered hand engraver to get the job done. It's incredibly fun and has a pretty steep learning curve. Learning how to sharpen the gravers, hold the tool, carve the metal and then learn ornamental design has felt like learning a new language that has me seeing the world completely different. I used to think ornamental design was dumb and I thought scrollwork was ugly and outdated but as I learn the theory behind it i'm slowly becoming obsessed with it and find myself filling pages of my sketchbook rather quickly with practice drawings and a new well of ideas. I'm also seeing the options for canvases to draw on expanding.

In my pursuit to learn engraving I am looking for any metal surface to scratch on that I can find. Turns out I had boxes of inventory that have just been sitting around, so I figured why not give them a little facelift with some engraved images on the back.

Being able to engrave the jewelry that i've made feels like a game changer. Not only does it add this glitzy shiny essence to it that quite literally makes my mouth water, it allows me to draw on my jewelry in a way i've always wanted to but didn't know how to. 

I'm obsessed with making jewelry that is filled with positive energy and acts like a guide to the wearer. I think protection is something that a lot of us need in mind body and spirit at any time in our lives. A little helping hand that allows us to navigate the world with a clearer mind and an open heart. So with my engravings I am creating sigils of protection that I scratch into the back of these pendants and infuse with prayer and the Full Moonlight that will be occurring on September 29th. (all of the new pieces will be taking a moon bath for extra strong embedding of protection energy).

(Im praying that the quality of this picture isnt as horrible as the blog editor is making it look).

Each of these pieces were made with the snake imagery on the front. Snakes symbolize the embodiment of the divine feminine and the way that growth and change is a constant. Sometimes growth and change can feel like chaos, it can sometimes force us to go into our shadows and pull ourselves out. but every time we face ourselves and shine light into our darkness we emerge stronger, more bulletproof to allowing the unconscious sides of ourselves from running the show. It's hard and scary but its empowering and changes us at a DNA epigenetic level I promise you. The snake is a reminder to not be afraid of the darkness. To shine our light into ourselves to emerge stronger and to allow ourselves to shed old skin. To leave past identities behind and to embody something new, something better, something more aligned and authentic to our true selves.

The backs of each of these snake pendants was carved with a unique engraving that is infused with protection energy. As you navigate your darkness, you are wholely protected. There is a helping hand there guiding you along every step. You might be lost in the void but you are not forgotten.

These snake pendants are big and bold and I love a good piece of statement jewelry, but sometimes I have an itch to create something that will be more realistic to wear all day every day, so I created a small collection of pendants to act as every day guides for you. 

I chose to create .925 sterling silver pendants and engrave small symbols onto them. I did a set of three bees, three sacred hearts and one prickly pear cactus. 

The bee is a powerful symbol of new beginnings, abundance, hard work and community. Bees live and work in large very organized communities where each member plays an important role in the survival of the group and the queen. They are a reminder that no matter how small you might be feeling, there is a very specific place for you that only you can fill. You bring a unique light into this world that we all desperately need and you are never alone.

The sacred heart is closely associated with Mother Mary and the unconditional love of Jesus. It is a reminder that no matter what your struggles are you are loved by those around you and the endless love of God. 

The prickly pear is an abundant cactus found in the desert from the high mountainous desert to the low sandy desert. It provides a deliciously sweet fruit during the summer that is a reprieve from the relentless heat. They symbolize abundance, oasis, and resilience. Surviving, thriving, and offering her bounty through it all. She is a reminder that we are strong, we can survive, and we can create something deliciously beautiful in the process.

These pendants are a daily talisman that can be worn to embody the symbolic energy they cary and to offer a little protection to you throughout the day. We are offering them as just the pendant that you can hang from your own chain, or bundled with a delicate curb chain that you can choose the length of so that it's perfect for your lifestyle.

Our last little collection is a small collection of statement rings. I was burdened with visions of engraved signet rings and I had to create a couple to see how it went, and I think they turned out beautifully. 

I love how all three of these rings turned out. A simple ring band for the turquoise with some symbols of positivity and protection engraved in. The black onyx with its naturally protective energy and botanical engravings make it so delicious. And the Spessertite Garnet... This garnet... I would climb mountains, cross seas, and get on my hands and knees for this gemstone. The way it radiates is pure sunshine in a gemstone. (I'm actually wearing it right now as I type this, I just had to test drive her out in the world and I will let y'all know she is doing great). The flash of the stone, the shimmer from the engraving around the stone and the botanical imagery, I am absolutely obsessed with every part of this ring. 

There are three sort of random collections here being offered but one thing they all have in common is that they were created to bring protection into your life. They were also created to find the exact right person at the exact right time, so if something finds you, it was meant to be. 

I hope you enjoyed this collection of pieces as much as I loved making it. As we progress through the months I have a feeling there will be a few more of these random shop updates. I have an entire tray of finished jewelry that is really cool, but they're all one of a kind and definitely don't "match". With the holidays quickly approaching I want to keep the shop stocked with ready to ship pieces so that y'all have lots to choose from for perfect gift giving.

Thanks for reading this far, I am grateful that you're here experiencing the words I have to say. It means a lot to me.

Until next time,

I love you.

Sabina <3