The Process

Every piece that we make here at Left Handed Alchemy is created by our artist Sabina Kennedy. She is a left handed mystic who believes in creating high quality hand made objects out of the abundant minerals of the earth.
Every piece is created with the intention that it will find the right person at the exact right time. 
Sabina believes that we are not separated from the earth, that we are in fact nature itself. The food we eat comes from the minerals of the earth and our bodies build that into cells, the building blocks of our entire bodies. We are not as separate as we have been made to believe. 
The minerals that Sabina works with can be seen as spirit guides. We can work with the energies of the gemstones and precious metals, and the minerals in the clay, and pigments in paint to create the life we desire. 
When we work with the minerals of the earth, we are connecting to ourself and the ancient wisdom of the earth. This connection allows us to really feel and access our souls, which is the bright light that lives within every one of us and is begging to be seen and shared with the world. 
Everything Sabina makes is 100% hand made. She uses traditional silversmithing techniques to manipulate precious metals to encase one of a kind semi-precious gemstones for generations to come. 
Her ceramic pieces are made using a pottery wheel and sculpting by hand, never molded or casted. 
Her jewelry boxes are created using recycled cigar boxes and acrylic paints to create a sacred space for your sacred objects.
Everything is created with the intention that it will find the right person at the right time. That the magic and energy that Sabina puts into her pieces at every step of the process will find the person who needs it at the exact right time.
And everything is made with the hope that you will be able to use it to express your true authentic self. To find the magic within you to create the life of your dreams.