Amazonite & Garnet Aura Earrings

Amazonite & Garnet Aura Earrings

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Your aura is the energy that you carry. The vibration that you give off. Often times we absorb the energy around us, unaware of the impact that it has on our day to day life. The aura design was created to cleanse the space around you. Energy flows through the loops and cleanses your aura of any energy that is unwanted.


Sterling silver.

Amazonite and Garnet.

Earrings hang 2" long and 3/4" wide.

Gemstone Healing:

Amazonite is known to bring a calming energy to your mind. It will soothe your emotions and bring ease to your mind. It is also thought to bring in good luck and good fortune.

Garnet is a highly grounding stone. Associated with your root, it brings in healing to all of the stabilizing factors of your life. Any time you need a bit of grounding, garnet is your go to stone.

The two stones paired together brings in an incredibly powerful grounding and calming energy. Ground any excess energy and cool your emotions.