What Is A Seer?

Historically a Seer is defined as someone who has the ability to see future events or someone who has been gifted with moral or spiritual insights. The seer was usually thought of as an oracle, someone who was locked away until the great heroes and kings needed a prophecy for their journey.

These days a seer is something a little different. I feel as if a seer is anyone who has the ability to tap into their intuitive gifts to see what is beyond the surface of our physical reality. Some people's gifts are being able to sniff out a liar, being able to see the subtext of someone's intentions and see through their bull shit. Other people have been given gifts of a minds eye. Being able to see energy or even beings that do not present themselves to the physical world. 

I believe that anyone who desires to tap into their ability to see, may do so with some practice. We all have been given the gift of sight in our own ways and it's important to let those gifts come to us as they were meant to. Today's world is full of false information and facts slanted to fit a specific narrative. The ability to see and seek the truth is more important than ever as we walk through the end of an old era into the beginning of the new.

Two brass hand shaped earrings with red garnet eyeballs in the center of the palms on a white background.

In the middle east the Hamsa is a symbol of protection. It is thought to be the hand of God, protecting the wearer from the evil eye while bringing protection, wealth and prosperity. 

Two silver hand pendants with turquoise eyeballs in the palm on a white background.

When we were designing this Seer collection we were thinking about seeking truth and protection. We wanted to create something that the wearer could use as a tool to protect them as they go through their day, especially during a time where the line between what is true and what is make believe is so blurred. 

The Seer collection was created for those who wish to use their intuitive sight while staying grounded. The person who feels like they need a little extra protection as they navigate the destruction and rebirth of reality.