Turquoise Metaphysical Properties

Turquoise, It has become quite the southwestern classic. But did you know that Turquoise is an ancient stone that can be found all over the world? Turquoise was formed in the earth nearly 30 million years ago, as water trickled through rocks and soil that was rich in copper, zinc and aluminum, the water absorbed these heavy metal minerals and settled around the host rocks in the region. The water, rich in minerals, settled and formed what we know today as turquoise.


Turquoise is thought to be one of the first gemstones used by humans to adorn the body. The first Turquoise mine is thought to be at the Maghara Wadi mines in the Siani Peninsula in Egypt. It got its contemporary name from the French pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone, because it was often found from the Turkish tradesmen who brought it over to Europe from the Middle East and Asia. The stone can be found on just about every continent in the world, and is rich within the southwestern region of the United States, with mines scattered all over Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and down into Mexico. 


Turquoise has a deep and rich history in the Americas. Native Americans have been using turquoise since 200 BCE in everything from religious ceremonies, to adornments for buildings and furnitures, to jewelry. Today we can still see the history of turquoise in the southwest, with Native Americans running many of the Turquoise mines that are still open in the united states, and several different tribes, such as the Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni) creating work using this sacred stone in their own unique ways.

While beautiful, Turquoise also has many powerful metaphysical properties. It has been traditionally used to bring protection to the wearer against physical harm. It can also be used for matters of purification. Wear turquoise to purify your energy, ridding you of any toxic energy in and around your aura. 

Turquoise is also thought to have strong mood changing abilities. It is known to bring you into a calm state of mind, allowing you to release negative thought patterns and sink into a state of peace. From this state of mind you will be able to interact with people from a much more loving place, making you more attractive to those who might want to be your friend.

While turquoise is a strong healer for the emotional body, It is also a strong healer for the physical body. It was used in the Middle East on horsemen to keep them and their horses protected from any physical harm on long journeys. It can be used today to help strengthen and fortify the body. It can help you fight off exhaustion, depression and panic attacks. It also is thought to help boost your immune system, helping you to absorb nutrients that will help power your body better.