The Serpent Talisman Necklace Collection

Collection of five necklaces laid out on wooden background. Silver pendants of snakes wrapped around eyeballs.
The Serpent Talisman collection was one of those collections that seemed to come out of thin air. The idea came in the middle of the night and was begging to be born into the world. 
Girl with blond hair wearing a red t shirt and a serpent talisman necklace in front of a brown wall
The snake motif is one that I have been working with for a few years. The snake came to me at the beginning of my spiritual awakening. To me a snake represents the cycles of growth and rebirth. A snake grows and periodically sheds its skin. We as humans grow as we go through life. We learn about who we are and what we do and don't want and with that we are required to shed what is no longer serving us from our lives. 
The eyeballs are another motif that has shown up in my work for several years. At first they represented the silent observer. The force that is always watching and knows all truth. As I have been maturing in my artwork and what it all means to me, I have come to see the eyeballs as a connection to the Angelic realm. The Angels are always watching, but not out of judgement. The Angels protect us from harm and keep us on our path.
Each pendant has a flashy opal set right in the center of the eye. Opals are not only insanely beautiful, but have a really powerful protective and spiritual energy. Opal is believed to help us connect to cosmic consciousness and our universal one-ness.
You can find this collection for sale on the website now.