The Rainbow Spirit Guide Collection


The design process for this collection was a practice in experimentation. I acquired a set of rainbow rose cut gems and I knew from the beginning that they needed to be made into something special. I sat on them for quite a while before doing anything with them.

One day I was designing and the stones began to speak to me in a way I had never experienced before. Before I knew it, each stone had a design and was ready to be turned into something tangible. 

I worked on this collection for several months, focusing on each pendant one at a time, dedicating the time and energy that each piece required to be as perfect as possible. Sanding and filing every imperfection out and making sure that the energy that each piece carries is as pure as possible. 

While designing these pieces, it felt like I was channeling the energy of each stone, acting almost like the middle man between the stones and how they wanted to be presented to the world. This collection definitely pushed my normal style, and forced me to grow in a direction I didn't know I needed to go in. It definitely crossed the boundary between the physical world and the astral world. For the first time in my jewelry making career I felt like I was serving a purpose higher than myself.

Spirit guides can be many things. An animal, an ancestor, an entity not of this earth. But they can also be physical objects, like plants and crystals. All objects give off a buzz, or a frequency if you’d like to call it that. And these frequencies can be used to blend into your own, helping you move through your day with a set intention and purpose, depending on the gemstone.

Whether you believe that gemstones have these properties or not, using an object to set an intention for your day can be incredibly powerful. Every time you put on your favorite power necklace, you can set the intention to move through your day with love, grace, and compassion. And every time you reach down to touch your pendant, you’re reminded of this intention, strengthening it, and bringing it into the world.

If you wear jewelry because it’s beautiful and makes you feel good, or because of the healing properties of the metals and gemstones, it doesn’t really matter, the meaning is up to you.


These necklaces were designed to help individuals express their highest, most inner selves. To amplify the light that you have been born with, and to empower and guide you through your day.