The Awakening Collection Preview

Hello everyone!

Im so excited to share the awakening collection with y'all and its finally time!

I have spent the last two months really changing my mindset and dreaming up the future for Left Handed MFG. The awakening collection is the first collection in this new image and y'all are going to love it!

flat lay of jewelry pieces on green background

This collection was inspired by my connection to the divine. I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience in order to grow as souls. Heavily inspired by my jewish ancestry, my awakening process, our connection to the earth, and the power that each one of us has within us.

Flat lay of eyeball shaped jewelry on star tarot card background

I wanted to create a collection of pieces that would be great for every day wear, but also the option for a bad ass piece that will make you feel incredible. These Observer pieces are the perfect every day pieces. Inspired the eyes of angels and protection symbols from just about every culture around the world. These observer pieces will be available as made to order in both black onyx and Ethiopian opal.

rings on fist of fingers

Along with the made to order options, I have made some one of a kind pieces. One of a kind pieces are my favorite to make. Each one is made to have a unique energy and personality that can't be replicated. 

Flat lay of jewelry on orange background

The serpent is the first image that really stuck with me, as it is what sparked my awakening. I feel as if they are representations of growth. The snake sheds its skin when it has grown and as we grow and evolve as people we must shed that which no longer serves us. 

jewelry flat lay on wooden box

The seer earrings are inspired by the jewish hamsa. A seer is someone who can see the subtext of a situation. They might even be able to sense the future. But ultimately the seer is someone who uses their discernment to navigate life. Seeing the truth in the subtext and acting accordingly. 

bolo tie on feather and cowboy hat

The bolo tie is a classic southwestern staple. I've lived in arizona for the past 6.5 years and have learned and studied a lot about the jewelry tradition that comes from this part of the world. The native american jewelers will always be an inspiration to me, but I wanted to make a classic southwestern idea with a twist. There will be three one of a kind bolo ties in this collection. All featuring serpents wrapped around a stone with eyeballs dangling off of the bolo tips. They are a classic southwestern idea with a contemporary twist. 

bolo ties flat lay on green background

necklace in hands

This black tourmaline and labradorite Observer charm necklace is one of my favorites from this collection. Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone, helping you to dissolve negative energy from within you and from outside of you. Paired with labradorite, a highly intuitive stone, you will be protected while you navigate the layers of your own intuition.

serpent jewelry on wooden box

This is one of my favorite collections so far. I really hope y'all love it as much as I do. Each piece is made with two hands in a small studio in Phoenix Arizona. I focus on slow production, making each piece as perfect as I possibly can, and with the best energy I possibly can. Jewelry is one of those things we all can have really intimate relationships with. I mean you wear it on your skin and on your body. So you want to make sure it's made with love so you can go through your day with a little more of the good stuff. 

labradorite frequency set on wooden box

The collection drops May 1st 2021 at midnight AZ time (check your timezone and adjust accordingly). I offer many different payment options including afterpay, which is a payment plan service run by PayPal. So if you see anything that you must have there are options if you need to spread your payments out.


Thanks so much for looking and I hope you love the pieces as much as I do!