September Update

Howdy everyone! (obligatory how is it already September statement inserted here).

After 8 months of surviving 2021, I feel like I can say that 2020 was the year for collective trauma and reckoning, but 2021 feels like it got much more personal. Like last year we were still in this together but a year and some change later, the wheels are falling off of the collective bus and it feels like the great awakening that we are all experiencing is really making us look at the personal role we will and are playing in this thing. 

The roles we play. That's really what I want to talk about this week. There is a lot going on in the world. It's really easy to get caught up in what the news is telling us, and feel like there is no hope. But im here to remind you of something very important. The 24 hour news cycle is yet another product of capitalism. A money hungry machine that will do whatever it takes to keep you watching. Fear sells. Fear keeps you hooked. It feels super important right now to limit the kind of media you are consuming. Stay present, stay within your communities as much as you can. 

Yes, the Earth is going through something, but she is not dying. It is very egoic of man to think that we are the sole caretakers and destroyers of this massive, living, breathing planet. She is so much bigger than any of us realize, and we are never going to be able to fully destroy her. She will squeeze and kill us all before we ever get to the point where she can not heal herself. 

With that being said, she is purging. She is calling all of us to re connect with her. To log off of our screens and really be with her. To stop fighting with eachother and work together to create communities where we can take care of ourselves. It's time to stop boot licking the government and expecting a bunch of crusty old white men to be our saviors. This is truly a community level issue that yelling at a screen will never be able to fix. 

The sentence that keeps swimming in my head at the moment is this, "How would you treat people if you didn't know their political affiliation?" Like really, how would you treat someone before ever knowing if they voted for Trump or voted for Biden? If we are all one does it even matter? We are all human beings, extensions of God himself, existing on this beautiful, majestic planet together. Do you really think that fighting over politics is going to solve any of our problems? Do you really think there are any differences between the political parties besides what kind of propaganda they are pushing?

The greatest act of rebellion and resistance is to tune out. To reject the narrative of fear and division and stop participating in the propaganda. To love people despite their different beliefs. To understand that we hold the power to help each other, and to stop expecting daddy government to swoop in and fix everything. When have they ever actually done anything useful? Did we not spend most of last year exposing how the system overwhelmingly does not help those who are in the minority and in need of uplifting? Did we not spend most of last year learning about the atrocities done at the hand of the united states government? And look at us now, lining up like sheep ready for the slaughter, divided and scared because we cant turn off the news for one day.

Turning off the news doesnt mean you have to be uninformed, but I will say, being uninformed isnt so bad. How is stressing out about something that is happening on the other side of the globe going to improve your life? What can you do about it? Maybe you feel called to do some actionable outreach and really help, and I totally encourage that. But getting angry, and letting your fear and anxiety cripple you isnt helping anyone. 

I encourage you to look to your communities. If you feel like you want to help, what kind of real, actionable things can you do that will directly impact the people who share the same communities as you? I know in downtown Phoenix there is a massive unhoused population, that need resources. Even just someone to hand them a sandwich with a loving smile helps so much more than doom scrolling ever will. Donating clothing to real homeless outreach programs, Filling community fridges, donating money and resources to abused womens shelters. With a little bit of research, you can find countless organizations that need help in your real community.

Being present to your surroundings is absolutely imperative. Connecting to the earth that is right in front of you is absolutely imperative. Being present for yourself is absolutely imperative. And holding the vibe of love and hope is absolutely imperative. 

For my fellow lightworkers, It's so hard to see the chaos and not feel angry or hopeless, but it is our role to hold the vibe and be in the moment as much as possible. Those who are aware that reality isnt real, and that we can opt out at any time and play a different game hold the keys to the new world. We are in the midst of a birth of the new world. When the contractions are intense, and it feels like we are going to die, right before the new things pops out the womb and shows us all its glory. 

Hold space, hold the vibe, hold onto your light like your life depends on it. Yes do your shadow work, dont be afraid to look at what's uncomfortable. 

You're doing a great fucking job and i'm so proud of you. We will make it through the birth of the new world and into the next. Thank you all for being on this journey with me, and if you ever want to talk woo or new world ideas, reach out, i'm always looking for someone