Sacred Symbols

Symbols. They are something that mean absolutely nothing, but also everything at the same time. I personally believe that the Creator speaks to us through symbols. Imagery that might have deep archetypal meanings, but also have personal meanings as well that is meant to crack open certain parts of us. 

These symbols really could be anything. Colors, animals, shapes, numbers, objects. Truly they can be anything. A lot of the time, symbols are acting as guides. Leading you to ideas, places, people, thoughts. Really whatever you're needing for the leg of the journey you're on.

For me, symbols really sparked my spiritual awakening. Snakes and then eyeballs. The snakes I talk about a bit in my spiritual awakening blog post. But they really represent the beginning of my deep spiritual awakening. The idea of growth, rebirth, renewal and the cycles of life. It’s a symbol that comes up for me when something is about to change. 

The eyeballs for me represent protection. I have been resonating with the angelic realm. And the idea of the angels as these massive light beings that are morally neutral but always watching. Some angels keep us safe, some just watch, but the eyeballs have visited me in dreams and even just in day to day life. When I see an eyeball, or an eyeball shaped thing, I know the angels are there. I don’t know what they want every time, but I feel a sense of peace knowing they are there. 

Numbers can also serve as symbols. A lot of us know about angel numbers, and certain repeating numbers having different meanings. A lot of the times it can be your spirit guides trying to tell you something. Sometimes it’s just a symbol of being on the right track. 

When it comes to symbols it’s important to know the archetypal definitions and energies that play with the symbols, but mostly it’s important to ask yourself what these symbols mean for you. If you see repeating numbers and you look up what the angel number means, and it doesn’t resonate, don’t force it, it probably means something else. Just open yourself up and ask yourself what it means. It might take some time but the answer always comes if you’re looking for it. 

Really anything can be a symbol. If you’re interested in finding the symbols that are relevant for your life, start paying attention to the physical world around you. Colors that seem to jump out to you, imagery that makes you feel something. And just ask yourself what kind of symbol you need to be looking out for. Don’t force the process. Go with what resonates, and loosen your grip. The universe is full of information for you to take in, but especially if you’re new to this, don’t let it be overwhelming. Spirituality isn’t supposed to be overly complex. Truly it’s just about having a relationship with you and what created you. The rest is fluff, leave what doesn’t feel right and make room for what does.