Reflecting on 25 Years Of Life

Hi everyone!

I really just wanted to write up a blog post this week to take a moment to catch up. This year, as every year seems be flying by! I mean how is it already May?! Time has been slipping through my fingers, and I don't know about y’all, but this year has been less about collective trauma, and more about the more personal stuff. It’s been weird random hit after another but after 4 months, I am feeling a little bit of relief. It could be the fact that it’s my birthday month (May 11th baby) or just that I’m figuring out how to roll with the punches better. Whatever it is, it’s left me with a lot of time to reflect on EVERYTHING. 

I am about to reach my 25th birthday and it’s one of those milestones that for some reason, in my mind, felt like a huge deal. Like when I’m 25 i’ll be a real adult. The reflecting that i’ve been doing has been really centered around this birthday, and all of the expectations that I had for myself ten years ago that I haven’t met. It’s something that I laugh about now, but a couple of months ago I was really coming to terms with not having met any of the goals that I thought I would have met by this “milestone” year.

15 year old me expected that I’d have a husband, and own a house and be running some kind of business that would be making multiple 6 figures a year by the time i'm 25. Like I said, I laugh about it now but I really did have to mourn the life that I didn’t create.

I did however, create a life that is much much better and something that I never expected to have 10 years later. I have spent the last four years actively releasing the trauma that I endured as a youngster. This inner work will impact the rest of my family line for the better, and is much more important than meeting these societal milestones that really mean nothing in the long run. It's not to say that having a loving partner and financial freedom isnt something important or something that I dont want eventually, but I would never be able to see financial freedom If I wasn't working on healing my poverty mindset, and I wouldn't be able to raise strong children if I didn't know how to set boundaries, or know how to love myself.

I also went through this crazy spiritual awakening that 15 year old me would probably gag over. I never in a million years thought I would be one of those weird spiritual people talking about galactic heritage, and spirit guides and meditating and herbal medicine. All of that would have made me cringe so hard but I’m so proud of where I’m at spiritually and the path that that has been created for me is one that is still unfolding but feels so good when something aligns just right. 

Expectations are a funny thing. Especially when we are setting them from an unhealthy place. I would encourage you to look at where you place unrealistic expectations on your life. What can you let go of? And to take the time to really acknowledge where you are right now. Sometimes we have to take detours on our way to our final destination to learn about ourselves so that we can be the best we can be for the people in our lives. 

I heard it said like this, when it comes to manifestation, we are the passengers in the car. We get to set the destination on the GPS and have the AUX cord so that the road trip is vibey AF, but we don’t get to choose the route, the detours, the stops along the way. That’s the job of whatever higher power you want to work with. Our job is to hold the vibe, do our best, and to just experience the ride along the way.

So here's to 25 and the rest of my life that will be full of learning, growing, love, abundance, and humbling moments.