Limited Edition Turquoise Earthen Rings

The Earthen Collection

The earth is an element that we are all very close to, and maybe don't even realize it. The earth is our home, it provides us with the materials and sustenance we need to survive from birth to death. It is something that a lot of us take for granted.

Our earth has the incredible power to heal. Have you ever gone outside barefoot just to feel the earth and grass on your feet? It feels good, it grounds us. It connects us to the present moment. Our Earth, our home, is calling for us to change. She wants us to be kind, think of others, and take care of this home that we have been given.

The Earthen collection is inspired by the idea of pulling magic from the earth. Each piece is given a rough texture and an earthy feel, as if you just dug it up from an ancient archaeological site. 

Turquoise as a healing stone

With Earth being a magical, healing Being, it makes sense that she would give us minerals to help us aid in our healing journeys. Turquoise, while also being incredibly beautiful, is known to be a metaphysical chill pill. It helps to protect our auras and psychic centers from lower vibrational forces. It also helps to pull us out of depression and panic attacks. 

If you aren't into the magical properties of stones, that's completely okay. Think of it this way, when you put on your turquoise ring, you might set the intention to move through your day meeting difficult situations with grace. As you live your life and are met with difficult situations, you might remember your intention as you look at your ring and act in accordance with the intention you set.

A lot of magic is practiced as intention. It's not nearly as complicated or "Dark" as one might believe. It can truly be something that helps you to embody love and light in balance with your shadows. 

This Collection Features

This collection features 5 turquoise rings. 

One ring was created as a sample and is ready to ship. The other four rings have been started, but upon your order are completed in whatever ring size you choose. Each piece should be ready to ship within a week.