Introducing The Symbols Line

Howdy everyone!

I'm really excited to share with y'all this latest line of work. It's called the symbols line and let me tell you more about it.

In 2020-2022 I went through a serious artist block, I would dare to say it's the first major one i've had maybe in my life. During this time I was doing a lot of somatic healing and really figuring out who I am and developing a sense of self. In the moment it was painful and confusing but in hindsight, that time was such a precious time of incubation and releasing a lot of old ideas about who I was and who I was supposed to be. 

During this "blocked" time I was really beginning to experiment with new styles of drawing and creation. It's funny how at the time I felt such a lack of inspiration, but looking back it was one of the most abundant times in my creative career so far. Nothing looked or felt like anything I had created before so I wrote it off as something not important and longed for the days my creative energy came back.

I developed this practice of intuitive drawing using tools like oracle decks, books, and first impressions. Basically I would draw a random card, or open a book up to a random page and draw what the image was or what the pages said. 

My favorite book to use was "The Book Of Symbols". It's just a book filled with all kinds of different symbols and a few paragraphs about the historical context of the symbol. It's a book that is perfect for this oracle style of drawing, but it also had an effect of really opening my mind to the importance of symbols.

Symbols can be any imagery that has a meaning beyond what the original meaning. They are a non verbal communication that goes back to ancient times and spans across any language. They can have a collective meaning and a personal meaning, and using them in our lives can have magical outcomes.

Symbols to me help create another language around our lives. They are tied to the deepest parts of ourselves. They can represent different times in our lives, animals and plants we feel deep connections to, locations we visit or live for periods of times.

For my first collection in this new Symbols line I really wanted to represent life in Arizona. I recently moved from Arizona to Colorado and in my final days in Arizona I was feeling very nostalgic. I decided to blend this style of drawing that I have been developing with my need to immortalize my favorite parts of Arizona in silver forever. 

The first design to be created was this cowboy boot.

I was seeing this design in my head for weeks before creating it. It felt like life or death, this design needed to exist in this reality and so it became real. It was the beginning of a fever I couldn't shake until the entire collection was created. 

So in my last week in Arizona, I created this entire collection and decided to do something with it i've never done before. I decided to create an entire separate line for them and offer them as made to order necklaces.

When it comes to the jewelry world there are two different ways to organize work. One is a collection, and the other is a line. A collection is a group of pieces that all have a similar aspect, whether it's design or gemstones, it is usually a one and done. A line is similar to a collection in that it usually has a unifying theme, but there can be many different collections that are all a part of the same jewelry line.

The Arizona collection is a part of the Symbols line. It started as its own collection but as I was creating the collection I couldn't stop coming up with new ideas. Sacred hearts, fruits, different animals, different plant, specific mountains and the list goes on and on. With the influx of different ideas I knew it had to become something more than just a collection, it has to be bigger.

With this new line I wanted to try something different with the way I create these pieces. I really wanted to create these as made to order pieces and offer them ongoing so that anyone who wants one can have one. If you have to save and wait to get the design you want, it will be available when you're ready. You can get them with or without a chain, whatever your style is.

I will continue to develop one of a kind pieces, so don't worry they aren't going anywhere. This feels like an opportunity to create something that is super special, and helps you connect to the deepest parts of yourself in a way that is more of an everyday fashion. 

I really hope you guys like this new line as much as I do. I am so excited to expand this line in all of the different directions.

Thanks for being here,