Introducing: The Astrology Collection

Introducing, The Astrology Collection. The astrology collection is a series of pieces, released at the beginning of each astrological season, corresponding to that season. We will begin with Aries, releasing on March 21st, the first day of Aries season. Each collection will consist of necklaces, rings, and a charm (more details on those in another blog post).

Each astrological sign will be released at the beginning of its season. There will be slots opening up for made to order options for rings, necklaces, and charms as we go through the year. The only thing is, if the astrological season hasn't happened for the year yet, it won't be available for pre-order until the season starts. 

The first collection release for Aries will be March 21st so mark your calendars!

As well as the astrological signs, there will be Sun, Moon, and Star pendants and charms available too. These will always be available and re-stocked frequently

The purpose of the astrology collection is to help you connect to the forces that are larger than you. Astrology is a fun way to piece together your life here on the earth. As above so below, and with that in mind it helps us to make sense of the world here on earth.