Introducing: Build Your Own Charm Necklace

Something that we love here at Left Handed MFG is individuality. Being able to express exactly who you are is super important to us. We have been developing a new product that will allow you to create something that is completely unique to you.

Introducing, charms! 

How it works:

You start with a blank chain, Sterling silver with wide links, perfect for clipping your charms to and supporting their weight. 

From there you collect different charms based on your taste and personality. Each charm can be mix and matched to create a necklace that is unique just to you!

It's basically the same concept as Pandora, but if Pandora were an Independent Designer. 


Each charm can represent a different part of your life. Crystals for energy work, different symbols for astrology and other aspects of your life that are important to you. Each month new charms will be released, allowing your collection to grow as you do. 

Switch out different charms depending on the day and how you feel, the layout is up to you!