Incorporating Tarot Into This Week's Collection

Over the last year and a half or so I have been going through a spiritual awakening of sorts. It started with clearing out some heavy childhood trauma and once the weight of that was out of my body I began to see and feel the world differently than I ever had before. 

I have gotten really into Tarot cards. I feel called to read these cards and help plant seeds of light in the world to help others heal from their trauma as well. 

I've been looking for a way to incorporate Tarot into my art and I think I have found something that could be really fun and exciting for everyone.

This week's collection is a handful of large crystal point necklaces. All Phantom Quartz and some with adornments like other stones and design features. 

A line up of large crystal point necklaces on a wooden background.

Phantom quartz is a type of clear crystal quartz that has been interrupted in its growth process with other minerals that form irregularities within the base crystal structure.

Phantom quartz is a very powerful healing crystal. It helps to connect us to universal awareness, and this makes it a powerful trauma clearing stone. When we are connected to the universe we understand that at the core of our being, we are all one. This allows our ego’s to melt away and for our wounding to be revealed so that we may take care of it in a healthy and appropriate way. When we are free from our trauma we are open to seeing the world from a much more loving place.

Energy Reading:

When I do an energy reading I connect with spirit and your collective spirit guides and ask what message do they have for you. For this reading I tried something different. I channeled the energy from each pendant and let the cards tell me what kind of energy and message for healing each pendant has to offer. These readings are specifically for each pendant, so you might resonate with multiple messages. 

Feel free to skip around and read the messages for your favorite pendants or read them all and let this be a guide for which pendant is right for you. 

Heart Protector #1

For this reading spirit wants you to know that everything is going to be alright. You are working to embody your inner most authentic self and to move from a place from authenticity over anything else. You might fear that you wont be accepted but the 6 of wands is telling you that you will be adored and accepted for being your true self. By unlocking your authentic self you are setting yourself up to achieving all that you dream of in life.

Heart Protector #2

For this reading spirit wants to let you know that your strength is being rewarded. You have been having a tough time, but this wont last forever. The friends and relationships of your dreams are coming. Stay strong and continue to nurture your inner world. The boundaries that you have been working on setting are working, and you are attracting all that you dream of that is in alignment with your highest path.

Heart Protector #3

For this reading spirit is showing you that you are working hard to manifest the life of your dreams. You have the world at your finger tips and with the right idea and motivation you will be able to turn that idea into your dream life. You wont be able to do this alone. Just remember that asking for help is a skill and a valuable one at that. Be willing to let others help you in your journey, you will be rewarded beyond the physical with relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Frequency Heart Protector Necklace

For this message you are being called to look at your passions. It seems that you are on the precipice of something great, you have the world at your finger tips. There is an idea that you have been sitting on, maybe because you aren't sure that it would be worth your time and effort. Spirit is telling you here that it is indeed worth your time, and to make a move. Act while you can, and let your passion be the fuel to keep you moving forward.

Amazonite Heart Protector Necklace

The message from this reading is centered around communication. How can you be a stronger communicator in your relationships and especially with yourself? The goal here is to find emotional balance and to do that you will have to get honest with yourself to get your needs met. Communication is key in all relationships, so how can you work towards speaking your truth in your every day life?

Sonoran Gold Heart Protector Necklace

For this message we have the two of wands, which is the card of infinite potential. you currently have the world at your finger tips, and you seem to have an idea of what direction you would like to go in, but it seems like your first instinct is to force it into place. The universe does not like to be forced. Let go of your worries a little bit and let the universe come in and work its magic. You will see your hard work pay off, as long as you aren't forcing it. 

Kingman Turquoise Heart Protector Necklace

For this reading spirit is recognizing that you might be the type of person who really values work. Work might be your passion, your driving force. The knight of pentacles is a strong, slow moving force, very focused on the physical world. The 7 of pentacles is showing you that you have put in the work, your seeds have been planted and you are tending to them nicely, but Temperance is there to remind you to keep a balance in your life. Try not to get impatient, your time is coming, but just as a flower doesn't go from seed to bloom over night, you must give it time. How can you bring a little more balance into your life? How can you continue to nurture your work but also find time for rest and relaxation?