Custom Piece Feature

One aspect of making jewelry that is super fun for me is creating custom pieces. It's fun to take your vision and create something you can cherish forever. 

This week we were asked to create a custom zippo lighter for one of our long time collectors and I'm excited to show you guys some of the process and the final shots.

The customer's vision was something masculine with some kind of animal, bull or snake. From there I drew up an idea and once it was approved the creating begun.

I start with a blank brass zippo lighter. I then cut, file, stamp and texture and then solder on each component.

We decided to go with a copper snake to allow for some contrast with the brass of the zippo case but to still provide a super earthy feel. The snake was measured and cut to fit around an Onyx stone. After we cut out the snake we carefully filed and sanded it so that the shape is uniform and soft on all edges. Then it gets textured to give it some life and then it gets soldered to the zippo case.

The front features a snake wrapping around an onyx stone, I decided to keep the back simple so that there wasn't too much going on. Just adding the makers mark and a "+" to bless the piece with positivity and high vibrations.

Once I am finished adding the components onto the case, I give it a thorough polish to bring the finish to a lovely high polish. 

Zippo lighters are a fun collectable item. It's amazing how humans have figured out a way to have fire in their pockets, at their command whenever they need it. Whether it's to light a cigarette or a joint or just to use whenever you need a flame, a Zippo lighter is a really awesome, personal, and sustainable fire starter option. 

Because it is a Zippo, if any of the internal components need to be replaced, you can find the parts very easily. 

If you're interested in having a custom Zippo lighter made for you or a loved one, please feel free to reach out via email ( I love to bring your ideas to life, so lets cook up something cool!