Sun Necklace- The Astrology Collection- Sterling Silver Jewelry- Feminine Jewelry- Luminary Jewelry

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A luminary in The Astrology Collection.

The sun is a masculine luminary energy. While the sun is also a star, it holds a much different meaning that the distant stars in the sky. The sun represents fire, passion and drive. The sun is responsible for sustaining all life on earth. It fuels the growth of plants that nurture and sustain us and the food we eat. The sun also has the ability to destroy and must be respected. The desert offers a first hand view of the harsh nature of the sun. It is ominous, present and if not being honored correctly, will dry the life out of anything and everything. 

The pendant is 1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide. Comes hung on a dainty 18" sterling silver chain.

Super light weight, this necklace is perfect for every day wear