Stamped Desert Scene- Copper Lighter Case- BIC Lighter Case

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Copper metal that has been stamped and formed into a case for your favorite fire starter. 

Lighter case that fits a BIC lighter. 

Fire is one of the four main classical elements. It is a vital component to life. We use fire to cook our food, to warm our home, to light our dark spaces, to drive our cars, even to make the jewelry and lighter case that you see before you. It is important to honor the element of fire and be highly respectful to its force, because when left unattended it can wreak all kinds of havoc. 

Stamped with visual representations of the energies of the desert

2 11/16" long and 1 1/8" wide, this lighter case will slip perfectly over any standard sized BIC lighter and wont fall off.

Whether you use a lighter for sacred ceremonies or just to light fire to whatever you see fit, these lighter cases are a great way to honor the fire starter that can go with you wherever you are

The copper is left raw, meaning over time it will oxidize and change with the oils on your hand and the environment around it. A piece that will change with the times, but remain beautiful.