Opalized Wood- Desert Monsoon earrings

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Monsoon season is a magical time in the desert. It's a time of reprieve and absolute beauty. During the hottest time of year, the sky comes together to create these massive storms of rain, wind and a little bit of magic. The air becomes thick with water, the smell of rain in the distance. The color of the sky changes, the light reflects off of the looming clouds, lighting up the shadiest corners. When the storm is upon us its hard and fast. The wind blows hard, the rain falls in sheets. Just as fast as it comes, it leaves. Rainbows reflecting off of the puddles that are quickly retreating into the sand. The humidity moisturizing the skin and plants of the dwellers. Life is restored to the desert, if only for a moment, and everything comes to life. 


  • Handmade from start to finish

  • Layers of sterling silver 

  • High grade Indonesian Opalized Wood

  • Harnassing the power of the desert monsoon

  • The dangle of these earrings will be a constant reminder to go through your life with strength, nourishment, grace, and love

  • Each earring is 2 3/4" long and 1" wide

  • Hung from surgical steel ear wires for sensitive ears

  • Stamped with artist's hallmark and sterling silver authentication.