Moon Necklace- The Astrology Collection- Luminary- Feminine- Dainty- Sterling Silver

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One of a kind pendant

Hand fabricated layers of silver create the Moon luminary necklace.

Polished silver atop velvety blackened silver creates a contrast that lets your necklace shine.

The moon is a celestial being that is highly respected for its feminine, intuitive energies. The moon reminds us to turn inwards, reflecting on our inner world, asking us to be receptive of what is actually going on around us, rather than observing the world through our inner world that we project onto the external world. The moon reminds us to pay attention to the energy that we can't see. 

The pendant is 1" long and 1/2" wide. It comes on a dainty 18" sterling silver chain with lobster clasp.

Super light weight and dainty, this necklace is perfect for wearing day to day.