Frequency Heart Protector Necklace

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A large point of phantom quartz set in sterling silver and adorned with layers of copper and a tiny Amazonite stone in one of our signature frequency designs.

2 3/4" long and 1" wide.

24" sterling silver figaro chain with 3" extender making it 27" total.

Energy Reading:

Each crystal in this Heart Protector collection got its own specific energy reading using Tarot cards. The Heart Protector collection is all about protecting the heart space in whatever way you need. Every piece that comes out of Left Handed Studio has its own energy and the Tarot cards give some insight into what that could mean for you.

You can find the cards for the reading in the second image.

For this message you are being called to look at your passions. It seems that you are on the precipice of something great, you have the world at your finger tips. There is an idea that you have been sitting on, maybe because you aren't sure that it would be worth your time and effort. Spirit is telling you here that it is indeed worth your time, and to make a move. Act while you can, and let your passion be the fuel to keep you moving forward.