Aquamarine- Spirit Guide Necklace

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Hand fabricated layers of sterling silver.

Rose cut Aquamarine.

14K gold ball detail.

~1.5" long and ~3/4" wide.

Pendant hangin on 18" sterling silver dainty curb chain with lobster clasp.

Aquamarine is a powerful stress reducer. The soft blues will take you to a place of rest and relaxation. Being able to calm down your emotions will help you see the world through a clear lens, helping you to discern situations that will and wont work for you and giving you the confidence to leave behind what no longer serves you.

Whether you believe that gemstones have these properties or not, using an object to set an intention for your day can be incredibly powerful. Every time you put on your favorite power necklace, you can set the intention that you would like to remember as you go through your day. Every time you reach down to touch your pendant, you’re reminded of this intention, strengthening it, and bringing it into the world.