Heart Protector #1

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A large point of Phantom Quartz set in sterling silver.

Thick triangular bale for a bold yet simple look.

3 1/4" long and 3/4" wide

18" Figaro chain with 3" extender allowing the chain to be 21" long total.

Phantom quartz is a type of clear crystal quartz that has been interrupted in its growth process with other minerals that form irregularities within the base crystal structure.

Phantom quartz is a very powerful healing crystal. It helps to connect us to universal awareness, and this makes it a powerful trauma clearing stone. When we are connected to the universe we understand that at the core of our being, we are all one. This allows our ego’s to melt away and for our wounding to be revealed so that we may take care of it in a healthy and appropriate way. When we are free from our trauma we are open to seeing the world from a much more loving place.

Energy Reading:

Each crystal in this Heart Protector collection got its own specific energy reading using Tarot cards. The Heart Protector collection is all about protecting the heart space in whatever way you need. Every piece that comes out of Left Handed Studio has its own energy and the Tarot cards give some insight into what that could mean for you.

You can find the cards for the reading in the second image.

For this reading spirit wants you to know that everything is going to be alright. You are working to embody your inner most authentic self and to move from a place from authenticity over anything else. You might fear that you wont be accepted but the 6 of wands is telling you that you will be adored and accepted for being your true self. By unlocking your authentic self you are setting yourself up to achieving all that you dream of in life.