Ocean Jasper Frequency Necklace-One Of A Kind- Sterling Silver- Gemstone- Statement Necklace

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Ocean Jasper gemstone set in sterling silver.

Hand fabricated sterling silver wrapped around pink and green colored ocean jasper.

One of a kind design

The frequency design is a reflection of the energetic forces around us. We all carry frequencies and our thoughts and behaviors determine where we are vibrating. Love of the unconditional variety provide a higher vibration than anything else.

Ocean jasper helps to promote feelings of joy and helps to aid in communication. The stone helps you channel energy through your Solar Plexus, which helps you to embrace your inner power.

The pendant is 1 1/2" long and 5/8" wide and is hung on a thick 18" long sterling silver chain.

Stamped with a snake, SK and 925 on the back for authenticity

A great necklace for when you need a splash of color and to embrace your inner power.