What Does One Of a Kind and Limited Edition Mean For Us?

We have been working long and hard on a plan for how we want to design and make our collections for y'all. In the jewelry world there is an unlimited number of ways to do this, and we have been seeking to find the right path for us. 

When it comes to our work, we want to make things that are unique and special. Pieces that you know are special just for you, and that you know no one else will have another one like it in the world. That Is why we have decided to make collections in one of a kind, and limited edition batches.

What do you mean by limited edition batches?

Sometimes there is a design that is begging to be made more than once. We answer this call by making a small batch of pieces, in a limited quantity so that multiple people can enjoy the design, but it is still limited and numbered so that there aren't too many walking around in the world. 

Basically what we mean is, a small, limited number of each design will be made and released. Each edition of the design will be made and released all at once, and what we have is what we have. Once they are gone they are gone, and will not be available again or available to be made into a custom piece. 

We want you to feel special in your Left Handed Mfg jewelry and by having a limited number of each design available, this makes it so that you likely won't run into anyone who has the same jewelry as you do. Your jewelry will be special and unique just like you.

What about one of a kind?

One of a kind work is exactly what it sounds like. It is one of a kind, meaning there won't be another piece of jewelry exactly like it in the entire world. 

We love the power of a one of a kind piece of jewelry. Each piece is made with its own special energy that can not be recreated. So when you wear our one of a kind jewelry, you know that the piece was meant to be just for you. The energy that it carries was made so that it could find you, and help you embrace your own inner personal power. 

What about custom work? 

When it comes to custom work, we are more than happy to work with you to bring an idea to life. We will not make any previous designs exactly as they were because that would take away from the unique nature of our one of a kind work. But you are more than welcome to use past designs to help inspire your very own custom piece. To get a custom piece made, please reach out to us via email lefthandedmfg@gmail.com