Sometimes Simple Is Better

This year has been quite the ride, I'm sure you're all well aware. It has me thinking about my life, and the things I consume and what is truly important. I feel like we have been a society where the things we have determine our worth and value. The cool new car, the fresh new shoes, the clothes, the jewelry. All physical things that at the core of the matter, don't really do much for our happiness. 

I personally have been called to take a look at the simpler things. Spending so much time at home in quarantine, has really showed me what I value in my life. Asking questions about relationships, jobs, physical things, non physical concepts and trying to figure out what it means to be human and then what it means to be me.

I'm finding that the simpler things are what I value. The well cooked home meal, the time spent with loved ones, the quiet time alone. It all comes down to the idea of where the validation comes from. Am I seeking validation from those outside of myself or from within myself? I feel like Western culture has spent a lot of time focusing on seeking validation from others. Trying to present ourselves in ways that will get others to like us. I'm finding that this is something that does not help us truly feel happy. I'm finding that happiness, and finding a true acceptance of myself comes from within myself.

As I have been designing and working on jewelry for you, I have had all of this in mind. I wanted to create pieces that would add value to your lives in a real, authentic way. I find that jewelry is a really personal, very intimate item. We wear it close to our bodies and cherish it usually.

I wanted to create a collection of pieces that would be simple. Something you would genuinely want to wear all day every day.

Simple hoops and studs that are comfortable and light weight. Perfect for a single piercing, or to wear all the way up the ear. These are the day to day pieces. The ones you wear when you're at home, working, or hanging out. These are the pieces that are with you in the simple moments.

In the coming week, I encourage you to think about how your life has changed since march, but not from a place of lack. How has it changed for the better? If you don't think it's changed for the better, that's okay, but what can you be thinking about that will change your life for the better? How has your life gotten more simple? What are you grateful for? How are you showing up for yourself?